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Luv Mels xx

Video of secretary Melanie removing her outfit to show off her pantyhose & gorgeous body

July 17th, 2024


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Hello guys,

In today video I am wearing this sexy secretary outfit, with pantyhose. I slowly strip out of the outfit to show off my gorgeous body.

I love dressing up as an secretary as I gets to wear the shortest secretary skirts.

I think it would be great to work in an office I am sure I could turn the men on, with my crosses her legs and my short mini skirt you would be able to see all the way up to the top of my thigh and I would  know that I would be secretly flashing and that would really turn me on as well.

To see this video please come and see me at I am waiting for you!!

Big kiss Melanie xXx

Video of Melanie wearing a sexy evening dress and stockings

July 12th, 2024

Mel loves making her vidoes

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Hello guys, Melanie here
Today I find myself in a barn wearing a slinky dark blue evening dress and stockings.
This video was so much fun to film and I love the evening dress and lingerie I was wearing !! what do you think of it?

Ohh I nearly forgot to say about these sexy red french knickers I was wearing they were so good I worn them all day!!!

Please come and see this video at my site I will be waiting for you.

Luv Melanie XxX

Melanie shows off some of her dance moves in her new video

July 10th, 2024

Melanie loves her videos

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Hi Guys,

This video was such fun to film, I got all dressed up in my clubbing gear and danced the whole way through the video hehehe.

I love that cream minidress I was wearing and the light pantyhose were the icing on the top!!

I hope to see you at my site

byebye Melanie xxx

Secretary Melanie Walsh takes a break to give you a sexy treat

July 6th, 2024

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Hi Guys

Come and visit me,Melanie Walsh at my site there you can view all of my photos and videos including this one.

In this video I am wearing a sexy secretary uniform that includes dark stockings, which I slowly slip and tease my way out of.

Hope you see you soon at

Luv Melanie Walsh xxx

Video of Melanie Walsh wearing a sexy minidress and lingerie

July 4th, 2024

Here Melanie Walsh wants you to feel you are with her when you watch her video.

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Hello everyone Melanie here,
In today’s video I ,Melanie slowly slip out of my sexy purple minidress to show off my matching purple lingerie.

The purple lingerie is just so sexy, i may even like it more then the pink lingerie that I worn with the riding uniform!!

Please came and see this video at I will be waiting for you!

Luv Melanie Walsh xxx

Mel gives you her special Christmas treat in a sexy elf outfit

July 2nd, 2024

Melanie's uniforms will really turn you on and you wont be able to get enough of Mel's sexy uniforms.

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Merry Christmas!!!!Hi guys hope you all are having a great day, here is my special Christmas treat for you,me in a sexy elf outfit :). come and see me at to see the great sexy video!!! I love the elf outfit just look at those stockings!

Anyway Merry Christmas from the sexy elf aka Melanie XxX

Join Melanie for a roll in the hay in her her tight black top and denim miniskirt

June 29th, 2024

Melanie loves making her vidoes

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Hi guys today’s video was so much fun!! I loved that tight black top and the denim miniskirt ohh the boots looked great with the stockings. I felt like a cowgirl rolling about in the hay hehehehe.

So come and see all of my, Melanie Walsh’s horny videos at I am is sure you will find your ultimate fantasy and enjoy watching them as much as I enjoyed making them.

Big kiss

Melanie X

Merry Xmas from everyone at Onlytease

June 28th, 2024

Hello guys,

Happy Christmas from me and

Please click here to view your special Xmas video message.

To view the full strip at the end of the message all we ask is that you send a personalised Christmas video message to your friends.

You can select your friend’s name, and their preference in hair colour, outfit and legwear, and a personalised video message is sent to them, allowing them to view a fun video from the girls at OnlyTease, based on their preferences.

We hope this will spread a little bit of joy over Christmas time, and inject some humour as well into things.

Hope you all like it.

Luv Melanie XxX

Melanie changes her outfits in this video

June 26th, 2024

Melanie loves her videos

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Hi Guys

Come and see me, Melanie Walsh at in today’s video I am changing out of a cute summer dress to sexy secretary outfit. So in this video you get twice the fun, not only do you get to see me stripping out of my sexy summer dress but you get to see me slip into this great secretary outfit.

Luv Mels xxxx

Video for all you foot fans out there as Melanie shows off her lovely sexy feet

June 23rd, 2024

Melanie loves doing her videos just for you

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Hello guys I hope you are all have a great week.

Today’s video is one for all you foot fans out there, as I enjoy some juicy grapes and then begins to crush them with my feet 🙂 and I do this while I strip out of my tight jeans and top to show off my sexy white lingerie !!

To view this video please come and see me at I will be waiting.

Big kisses

Melanie xx