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Luv Mels xx

Melanie in long patterned socks

April 1st, 2018

Melanie Walsh In SocksMelanie Walsh In Socks

Good afternoon boys, I hope everyone’s day is going swell, it’s about to get better. I have some new photos for you to enjoy. I just posted a gallery of me in a cute pink outfit and long, long argyle socks. I know there’s many men that love socks, especially my argyle ones so I hope you enjoy these photos. I did this photo shoot for all the guys that have made requests and posted in my forum asking for more socks in my photo shoots. But don’t worry, I’m sure there will be many more outfits that include socks coming up.

Make sure you check out all my many photos (and videos) at my website, Only Melanie. I love wearing sexy and erotic outfits for you boys to enjoy.

Ok, I have to run now, I’m supposed to meet one of my friends at the gym in a little bit.

Luv, Melanie

Only Melanie’s College Uniform

March 30th, 2018

Only Melanie College UniformOnly Melanie College Uniform

Good evening, about to head out with my friends to the pubs and what not but before I do that I had to post a some teasing teasers from today’s photo set.

Here I am dressed in a rather conservative college uniform – but don’t worry I know how to make it very naughty. I have this bad habit of giving the camera some very erotic views and it’s not long before the only thing I’m wearing a is a pair of cotton panties and socks. I hope you enjoy these pictures, I know I had a lot of fun doing this modeling shoot. I love imagining what guys are thinking when they see my photos.

Enjoy all the pictures at my website, Only Melanie. That’s it for tonight. I have to run and put a few finishing touches on before my friends get here. Everyone have a good weekend and be safe. See ya on Monday.

Melanie In Cute Pink Fit

March 27th, 2018

Only Melanie Pink OutfitOnly Melanie In A Thong

Greeting ladies and gents.

I’m back today with another sexy outfit straight from my website. Today I have a cute pink top, with short shorts. I thought you might like that underneath my shorts I’m wearing a thong that seems to accent my derriere quite well. What do you think?

And how could I forgot about my socks, I know there’s lots of you guys that love the socks I wear. I had no idea how many men loved socks until I started modeling for Only Tease. I’m always getting requests for more socks. I try to do what I can.

I hope you enjoy, visit Only Melanie to see all of the erotic photos.

Luv Melanie

Melanie in a tight blue hoodie white pleated miniskirt and white socks

March 19th, 2018

Melanie loves wearing socks with everything. Melanie loves her mini skirt. The feeling of smooth cotton panties against Melanie makes her feel so horny and wet

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Hello Guys Melanie here,

Today I thought I would dress in my tight blue hoodie, white pleated miniskirt and long white socks.

I love the long white knee high socks and that white pleated miniskirt and cotton panties they look so sexy!!! I hope you agree!!

That tight blue hoodie is so comfy I love the way it feels.

Please let me know what you like best about my outfit today?


Luv Melanie XxX

Melanie in a long white skirt tight peach top and white ankle socks

March 13th, 2018

Melanie loves wearing socks with everything. Melanie Walsh has got her tight top on today that shows of her breasts to perfection. Melanie has more than one summer dress

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Hello Guys,

Today I am wearing my summery long white skirt, tight peach top and white ankle socks. This is a great outfit to wear this time of year, I hope you all like it!! please let me know.

To see the rest of this set please come about see me; Melanie Walsh at I will be waiting!!

Luv Melanie


Melanie in her figure hugging gym kit a tight top shorts socks and trainers

March 10th, 2018

Melanie Walsh gets into her gym kit, Mel notices all the girls in the changing room staring at her. Mel looking stunning as she works up a sweat in cute gym kit Mel never knew her gym kit turned them on.  Now getting into her gym kit is always going to be so much fun!  Getting out of her gym kit will be even more fun!!!

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Hello Guys Melanie Walsh here,

After my workout at the local gym, I have returned to my kitchen in my figure hugging gym kit which includes a tight top, shorts,Cotton panties, socks and trainers.

I was so hot after my workout I had to quickly strip out of my gym kit. What do you think of my gym kit? I love the way it hugs me, those tight shorts are great!!

Those white ankle socks and trainers are a must when I go to the gym!!

The only place to see the whole of this set is my site

Big Kiss Melanie X

Melanie in a cute pink minidress pink lingerie and ankle socks

March 4th, 2018

Melanie loves wearing socks with everything. All kinds of lingerie turns Melanie Walsh on. A mini dress makes Mel realise how sexy she feels.

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Hello everyone in today’s set I enjoy a summers day in the garden in a cute pink minidress, pink lingerie and ankle socks.

I love the pink lingerie and white cotton ankle socks what do you think of them?

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Luv Melanie XXX

Video of Melanie Walsh in a cute tight top cotton panties and ankle socks

February 17th, 2018

At Melanie Walsh wants you to feel you are with her when you watch her videos.

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Hello guys,

In today’s video I am all in pink, as many of you know pink is my favourite colour. That pink tight top is showing my breasts off very well 🙂 .

Who likes those tight pink cotton panties I think they are fab, I think the cotton panties are also super sexy, I hope you agree!!

Not that you can see my small ankle socks in the photo above but you will have to take my word for it, I am wearing the ankle socks in the video.

To see me in this video wearing a cute tight top, cotton panties and ankle socks please, come and see me, Melanie Walsh at

I will be waiting for you!!

Luv Melanie XXX

Melanie dressed in a hotpants, ankle length white socks and white panties

February 14th, 2018

God Melanie Walsh bum looks so gorgeous in those hotpants.  Knee socks, ankle socks, frilly socks, short socks, long socks, thigh high socks, thin socks, thick socks.  Socks Melanie Walsh just have so many of them. Big cotton panties, little cotton panties, thong cotton panties, French cotton panties, gym cotton panties umm Melanie Walsh loves them all.

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Hi guys,

As it is a nice hot day today I thought I would do an outside shoot. So today’s shoot it taken outside in my sunny garden, I am wearing my tight red top, sexy denim hotpants, ankle length white socks and white cotton panties.

I really think those denim hotpants are super hot, I hope you agree.

Luv Melanie XXX



Mel celebrates St Georges day in a tight top socks and cotton panties

February 9th, 2018

Mel hopes you get turned on watching her video.

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Hello guys today I am celebrating St. Georges day by wearing this tight white top, red socks and patriotic cotton panties.

This video was great fun to shoot and I really love those red socks and the St. Georges cotton panties hehehe.

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I will be waiting


Melanie XXX