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Luv Mels xx

Melanie outside ready to work up a sweat in her red gym kit

May 22nd, 2018

Melanie Walsh gets into her gym kit, Mel notices all the girls in the changing room staring at her.She never knew her gym kit turned them on. Melanie loves wearing socks with everything. The feeling of smooth cotton panties against Melanie makes her feel so horny and wet.

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I have been going to the gym since Xmas, I’ve been very good haven’t missed many days. Its getting really social, people are getting to know me, which makes it easier to keep going.

So i thought I should show you guys what I wear to the gym. What do you guys think, do I look ok in my gym gear??

Hope you like my white ankle socks??

Luv Melanie xx

An amazing set with the beautiful Melanie joined by Hayley-Marie.

May 21st, 2018

Mel loves to look at blonde models on the internet they really turn her on. Melanie has said that Blondes have more fun and to see a blonde haired gorgeous model kissing another blonde model just looks so sexy, Twice the fun here from

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Well this shoot was so so much fun!!!! The only problem doing your own solo site is that you never get to work with any other girls but we got Hayley-Marie to come in and do a few shoots with us. It was a great laugh, we have worked with each other before on but that was a while ago, still we ‘clicked’ together very well.

Hope you guys like the photos and our mini skirts and tight tops.

Luv Melanie

Mel wearing a pink jumper and a very short mini skirt with stockings.

May 20th, 2018

Mel really likes this pink jumper Stockings are what Melanie Walsh wears when she really wants to turn herself on. When Mel wears her stockings with a short skirt it turns her on so much

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Hi guys,

Melanie here, as you can see I have managed to smuggle my favorite colour onto yet another shoot yeppi 🙂

Also that short skirt is so naughty , its so short it shows the top of my stockings, what do you guys think is it too naughty???

Luv Mel xx

Melanie in red tartan miniskirt in this video photo.

May 19th, 2018

Mel hopes you get turned on watching her video.  Melanie Walsh aims to please you.

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Hi guys Melanie here,

Well I have got some bad news, I didn’t get the TV job. I am a bit disappointed really. 🙁

Come and visit me at and cheer me up. You can view this video of me wearing a tight top and red tartan miniskirt with pantyhose and cotton panties.

see you there!!

Luv Melanie xx

Melanie wearing a short white mini skirt and small ankle socks.

May 18th, 2018

Frilly French knickers have to be Melanies favourite things to wear!  Come see more of Mel at Mel loves the feeling of French knickers against her, it gets Mel so horny and turned on.

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Hi guys,

These photos were great fun to do, I love that large beanbag so comfy and I really liked the short white mini skirt, Frilly French knickers & ankle socks hope you like them as much as I do. Sorry but this is just a quick hello because I’m going into London for a casting today for a TV job. Hope how i get it!!

Wish me Luck!!!

See you all laters

Luv Melanie xx

Mels new video with Melanie wearing a pink summer skirt.

May 17th, 2018

Here Melanie Walsh wants you to feel you are with her when you watch her video.

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Guys Melanie here,

I love doing these videos cos i know you guys are watching me and it just turns me on so much!!Come on guys you know you want to watch me, you will love my summer skirt in this video. Go to to see all my exclusive videos and photos.

lots of luv Mels xxx

Melanie wearing only a long grey jumper with sexy black lingerie.

May 16th, 2018

Melanie thinks black lingerie is just so sexy Come see melanie at All kinds of lingerie turns Melanie Walsh on.

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Hi guys,

Now this set was great to do!! I wear the same when I lounge about and relax indoors in front of the TV, that long jumper was just so comfy and the black lingerie was very sexy. Hope you like!!

Luv Mels

Melanie poses in some sexy blue lingerie and white socks.

May 15th, 2018

All kinds of lingerie turns Melanie Walsh on. Melanie loves wearing socks with everything. Come see more of Mel at

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Melanie here,

I don’t normally wear just my lingerie in the Kitchen but this was really fun, although a little cold. This is the only blue lingerie i have, but i think i might have to get some more blue lingerie as i think it looks quite good. What do you guys think?

Also the long white socks look fab what do you think of the socks?

Mels xxx

Melanie looking stunning posing in a tight hippies top

May 14th, 2018

Melanie loves wearing her mini skirt Come see more of Melanie at Mel loves wearing her tight top as it makes people stare and makes Mel feel really sexy.

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Hi Guys,

Melanie here, I thought this set went very well. I really like that denim mini skirt, what do you guys think? I have even got my fav pink panties on but you have to join my site to see them 😉 The tight top looks great with a sexy denim miniskirt would you say?
Hope to see you at soon

Luv Mels xx

Mel shows off her luscious legs in this video

May 13th, 2018

Mel loves making videos it turns her on so much knowing that you are watching her

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Hello Mel here,

Come see all of my videos at

luv Mel