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Melanie Walsh looking amazing in white dotted lingerie with dark stockings

October 24th, 2018


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Hello guys,

Today I am wearing some sexy white dotted lingerie with these dark stockings. I love the look of white lingerie with dark stockings, I think they look super sexy, hope you agree?

This sexy lingerie and stockings are great, I need to go and buy more of it, what other sexy lingerie and stockings do you think I should get, any suggestions?

If you want to see more of me, Melanie Walsh, in other sexy lingerie and stockings come and visit my site

I will be waiting!!

Melanie Walsh XXX


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By rip on 04.04.07 2:38 pm

Nice dots!

Happy easter

By Katie on 04.04.07 5:29 pm

Wow Mel you look lovely, you get sexier everytime I see you, – i dont think I should tell you the naughty thoughts I have about you!

By Gazza on 04.05.07 9:34 am

You look great Mel. Yes, go on a lingerie shopping trip. You always look greatin suspenders. Another favourite of mine would be french knickers – and of course stockings with everything.

By Melanie on 04.12.07 10:40 am

Hello rip,Katie and Gazza.

Rip Easter was great but I did eat too much chocolate hehehe

Katie, go on tell me all about your naughty thoughts

Gazza yea I love stockings and suspenders, french knickers are super sexy and you are right of course stockings with everything.

Luv Melanie xxx

By Katie on 04.12.07 6:55 pm

Hi Mel,
Hope this doesnt get me into trouble, but since you asked ! I get really turned on thinking about the 2 of us together, as we slowly undress each other, and touch each other all over.
I imagine me sucking on your large gorgeous nipples, as you slide your hand into my thong, and the other one stroking my bum.
And then as i kiss my my way down your body, ending up with my head buried between your soft sexy thighs, as I lick your sweet pussy, all night long till you come.
Told you they were naughty !!
Have you ever been with a girl Mel, you should defo try it, its fab !
Luv Katie

By Carl on 04.15.07 4:53 pm

Cor…Mel you look fantasstic, thats some damn fine white knix babe. I’m falling in love!

By Melanie on 04.16.07 8:39 am

Hello Katie,

That is naughty hehehe apart from a thong what else should I be wearing, I am thinking some stockings and suspenders or some pantyhose and maybe a secretary uniform? we could be sexy secretaries what do you think?

I am still waiting to see you on my site 🙂 hopefully see you there soon.

Luv Melanie xxx

By Melanie on 04.16.07 8:42 am

Hello Carl, glad you like my pics, I thought that lingerie and stockings were very cutie 🙂

Melanie xxx

By Katie on 04.16.07 5:51 pm

You wouldnt be wearing anything if i had my way, i want you naked !
I love the thought of us as secretaries though. i’d wear my sexiest stockings for you, but no knickers !
I got completely waxed at the weekend, im so smooth now I love it!

By Paul C on 04.16.07 7:17 pm

Would the two of you liked to be left alone ?

Blimey Mel, its all getting a bit saucy on here isn’t it (not that I’m complaining mind you, – don’t suppose i could join you both when you get together is there?)

Sorry Katie but there’s a long list of people waiting to do naughty things with Mel, can you go to the back of the queue please !

By Melanie on 04.19.07 9:09 am

Yea Paul I think you are right its getting very naughty in here!!!

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