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In todays video Melanie is wearing a sexy red catsuit

October 6th, 2018

Melanie loves making her sexy videos

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Hi guys,

Melanie here, In todays video I am wearing this skin tight sexy red catsuit!! The video description on my site is “Marvelous Melanie looks like a beauty that’s come back from the future in her sexy red catsuit.”

To see this video please come and see me at I am waiting for you!!


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By rip_phose on 02.21.07 5:53 pm

Your new haircut looks just GREAT!!!

By rip_phose on 02.22.07 12:49 am

Never mind if you look 10 years younger, you’re looking better than ever!!!

By Melanie on 02.22.07 9:30 am

Hi rip_phose,

I wondered if anyone would notice my new haircut Thanks!! 🙂

You are such a sweetie “you’re looking better than ever!!!” I guess you really like that red catsuit

Luv Mels XxX

By rip_phose on 02.22.07 7:42 pm

Not that much the catsuit, just you

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